Moggy Tech is able to develop new products for tech startups, marketing and utility applications either directly for clients, or for agencies for their clients, and also offers consultation on designing and building any of the above. Based in Berkshire, UK, work can easily be done for clients across the world thanks to the wonders of the internet, and collaboration tools such as Skype.

Looking for a some help with your next project? Do get in touch to find out availability timescales and to get a quote once some basics have been sorted out. Or even just to have a chat :)


Moggy Tech Ltd is an app specialist company covering web and mobile applications. Apps and sites released under the Moggy Tech name are shown on this site. Other apps (and related backends) have been released while working for agencies so if there is anything you want creating even if you don’t see something similar do get in touch.

To get more information, or to contact us about work, please use the Contact page. If you just fancy a chat, scroll down to find links to twitter and Facebook.


Just some of the apps that are published under the Moggy Tech name…

CAMRGB (iPhone) was an app that was done for the Campaign for Really Good Beer. It integrates with their website, working directly with WordPress content. It also uses push notifications for promoting events.
KB Pentathlon (or KB5) (iPhone) is the first app conceived solely by Moggy Tech. It was done as Claire is involved in Kettlebell training and sport and wanted an option for tracking Pentathlon workouts. This app also has it’s own website.
And there are already several more apps in development… Stay tuned :) If you want to be notified of future app launches join our mailing list.

Plenty of work has been done with other companies and agencies, so if you want something doing that doesn’t look like these apps do not hesitate to get in touch.



Other Work

Whilst most of the published work so far has been for iOS (iPhone and iPad), we are also capable of building Android apps (phone and tablet), and backends to support websites or apps. We can subcontract design of websites and manage that process too. Rails apps are our particular skill.


Feel free to get in touch! Say hi, drop us a compliment, or ask us to get in touch regarding working together.

If you have support queries it may be better to visit our Support site and contact us via that. Queries sent that way are automatically entered into the support queue and consequently will be dealt with more promptly.

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